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RDC 2014 LGBT Film Festival!
Roanoke Diversity Center, Roanoke, VA
Friday, June 27th, Opening Night 8:45pm
GIRLTRASH: All Night Long
8:45pm – GIRLTRASH: All Night Long (Runtime: 1:25:00) Comedy/Musical
Click here for the Official Trailer
All sales at the door only.  Admission is $10 per person  … with snacks/popcorn/soft drinks included. There will also be a few door prizes as well!


SATURDAY | July 19 | 4:30pm | REDCAT
Dir: Alexandra Kondracke, Scr: Angela
robinson, 2014, USA, 86 min.
From director Alexandra Kondracke (“The L Word”, “Hung”) and writer Angela Robinson (2013 Outfest Fusion Achievement Award Winner, “True Blood”), GIRLTRASH: ALL NIGHT LONG is a rock musical that follows five hot gi...

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GIRLTRASH: All Night Long Trailer

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In the tradition of “Go” and “Superbad,” “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” is the story of five girls and one epic night. Daisy and Tyler are two hapless rockers trying to make it to a Battle of the Bands on time. They are waylaid by Daisy’s sister, Colby, who has her sights set on hooking up with the girl of her dreams, Misty (that is, if she can manage to have a conversation with her first). As the night spirals out of control, the girls will find love, lust, girl-fights, rock and roll, and a whole lot of stoned sorority girls. Oh, did we mention it’s a ROCK MUSICAL

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POWER UP Production Value Second to None

POWER UP’s first feature film ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE directed by Jamie Babbit had it’s world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and was the winner of 2007’s South by Southwest Best Narrative Feature Jury Award, and had proven popular at the box-office as well taking in $11,505 in its opening weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood, California. The film had already broken Laemmle’s pre-sale record of all time according to Laemmle sources. This is the highest grossing GLBT film opening, on a per screen average in 2007 according to Box Office Mojo and fourth highest grossing film in the Country, on a per screen average for opening weekend, Rentrak Theatrical reported.

POWER UP, is the only 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Film Production Company & Educational Organization that develops, f...

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Original Soundtrack GIRLTRASH: All Night Long

Since GIRLTRASH: All Night Long is a musical, it goes without saying that the music was incredibly important to the film. Not only are the characters singing about what they’re going through, two of the main characters (Tyler and Daisy) have to compete in a battle of the bands.  To make sure this musical was pitch perfect, writer Angela Robinson teamed with Killola’s Lisa Rieffel and Johnny Dun to put together a kick-ass soundtrack and score for the film.

The result is magical.  From Rose Rollins rapping “By 2 A.M...

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GIRLTRASH: All Night Long – Writing the Script

By Angela Robinson

LOS ANGELES:  Writing the script for GIRLTRASH: All Night Long … was kind of a blur. It happened really fast. And was really fun. But now that I’m writing about it I realize it is the story of how a webisode became an ensemble comedy and then a rock musical. In the span of about six weeks.

Okay… so… the script for GIRLTRASH: ALL NIGHT LONG started as part of the web series. In it’s original inception, the web series of Girltrash was going to be a series of 2-3 minute webisodes telling an open-ended story of a group of women involved in an unfolding crime story. Once the narrative was established, we were going to add buttons where viewers could see spin-off videos that gave context to the current action...

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GIRLTRASH Cast Superb Talent

A romantic lesbian comedy musical like GIRLTRASH: All Night Long needed the perfect cast to captivate the audience and reveal the joy at the heart of Angela Robinson’s wonderful script. The “girls” needed to be sexy and, at the same time, able to get crazy out of control and sing songs like “Don’t Shit on my Dream.”  Director Alex Kondracke was able to gather the perfect ensemble for an outrageously funny and sweet story about going for your dream.

Lisa Rieffel (The Cosby Show; Empty Nest; The King of Queens)
Michelle Lombardo (Entourage; Californication; Quarterlife)
Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere)
Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere)
Rose Rollins (the L word, Chase)
Kate French (the L word, One Tree Hill)
Clementine Ford (the L word)
Megan Cavanagh (A League of Their Own)

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GIRLTRASH Poster Credits Paid Ads

POWER UP presents
a Stacy Codikow Lisa Thrasher Free Fro Films production
an Alex Martinez Kondracke film GIRLTRASH: All Night Long
Lisa Rieffel Michelle Lombardo Gabrielle Christian
Mandy Musgrave Rose Rollins Clementine Ford Kate French
with Malaya Rivera Drew and Megan Cavanagh
Editor Chris W. Hill Director of Photography Sandra Valde-Hansen Music Killola
Executive Producer Stacy Codikow Produced by Lisa Thrasher Angela Robinson
Written by Angela Robinson Directed by Alex Martinez Kondracke
(c) 2014 POWER UP

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