GIRLTRASH: All Night Long – Writing the Script

By Angela Robinson

LOS ANGELES:  Writing the script for GIRLTRASH: All Night Long … was kind of a blur. It happened really fast. And was really fun. But now that I’m writing about it I realize it is the story of how a webisode became an ensemble comedy and then a rock musical. In the span of about six weeks.

Okay… so… the script for GIRLTRASH: ALL NIGHT LONG started as part of the web series. In it’s original inception, the web series of Girltrash was going to be a series of 2-3 minute webisodes telling an open-ended story of a group of women involved in an unfolding crime story. Once the narrative was established, we were going to add buttons where viewers could see spin-off videos that gave context to the current action. So I wrote a bunch of mini-scripts one of which was – “CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW COLBY AND MISTY FIRST MET.”

It was 30 pages and took place before the events of the webseries. The story involved the comic misadventures of Colby, a co-ed graduating from USC, who wanted her sister, Daisy, a low-level criminal and wannabe rock star, to take her to a gay-bar because she wanted to talk to a girl, Misty, who was WAY too cool for school for her.

Alex and I decided to re-purpose the 30 pages into an ensemble coming of age comedy that took place on one insane night like GO or SUPERBAD. It was tonally very different from the web-series, but doing a movie of the crime-story version of the web-series was going to be too expensive. Plus, I was interested in exploring what the characters in the web-series did on their time off from crime.

Next, I had to flesh out the stories of the other characters (Daisy, Tyler, Monique, etc.) and figure out where the night would take them. Then a funny thing happened. Lisa Rieffel who played Daisy in the web-series is actually in a rock band named Killola. And Alex and I had always thought it would be fun to do a Josie and the Pussycats type of thing and write Killola into the script. So, we came up with the idea that Daisy and Tyler were in a band and that they were trying to make it to a Battle of the Bands but would keep getting diverted by Colby/Misty/Monique, etc. So we asked Killola if we could use some of their songs so the rock band in the movie (Allota of Flame) could have something to play on-screen.

I kept listening to all of Killola’s songs on a loop and then ONE DAY I was writing a scene where Daisy was pining away for her ex-girlfriend and I was listening to Killola’s song, “Traffic” and I had a vision of Daisy walking through this party and singing this song that reflected her emotional state, but nobody would notice her, like from “Hair” or a kind of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” type thing. I pitched the idea to Alex and she loved it. We were off to the races! Girltrash: All Night Long, our ensemble coming-of-age comedy, had just morphed into a rock-musical.

I’d send scenes to Killola and they would send me back the scene two days later as a song, with lyrics and a scratch track. It was frickin’ awesome. It was a really fantastic and very creative way to work. I pounded out the script in 6 weeks and by December they were shooting it. Alex and David the editor are madly cutting now – can’t wait to see how it all turns out! — Angela

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